Tuesday, March 4, 2014

***BLOG TOUR STOP*** Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken

2 Chicks and a Blog - Ashley's Review

Okay ... so Toxic picks up where Ruin leaves off.  Don't get your knickers twisted ladies, of course we get more Wes in Toxic, but you only ask that now because you haven't met Gabe.

Gabe wins HANDS DOWN!!  Rugged, tough, sexy, tattooed, pierced and broken.  Every girls dream come true right?  A boy they can try to fix.  Well, for 4 years, all the girls have been trying to get a piece of the ultra sexy Gabe, but none have succeeded.

During a chance meeting, Saylor runs smack dab into young Gabe.  No, literally, runs right into him.  You know that feeling that all the books talk about ... the electric chills that flow up your arms and straight to your heart when two people who belong together touch .. oh yeah .. Rachel talks about it .. BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT!!  I felt each and every ounce of tension in this book.

You'd think this would be your run of the mill, cookie cutter, NA novel wouldn't you?  Yeah, I'm sure you did .. but think again friends ... Sexy Pants Gabe has a secret .. and not a little secret .. a HUGE one .. one he's never disclosed .. of course Wes found out . .because he's probably a part of the NSA or something .. but nobody else.

THIS BOOK THREW MY MIND THROUGH A LOOP .. things I though I knew .. I didn't ... characters I thought were one thing .. ended up being another ... I love when my mind gets used .. I love when it's thoroughly screwed with .. and Rachel screwed my brain again ... oh yeah .. again .. 1st time was when Wes lived (I wasn't expecting that one)

All in all ... Rachel, you take my breath away and I adore each and every book you write .. this book takes my 1st place spot in Rachel Van Dyken novels..

This Chick gives Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken 5 out of 5 I see you, you'll always be my girl, why doesn't the Christmas Tree have lights, don't forget a pink scarf, I forgot my helmet, it's the landing that hurts, pass the bottle of whiskey, bringing Princess home, play through me stars!!!

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