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***BLOG TOUR STOP*** Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken

2 Chicks and a Blog - Ashley's Review

Okay ... so Toxic picks up where Ruin leaves off.  Don't get your knickers twisted ladies, of course we get more Wes in Toxic, but you only ask that now because you haven't met Gabe.

Gabe wins HANDS DOWN!!  Rugged, tough, sexy, tattooed, pierced and broken.  Every girls dream come true right?  A boy they can try to fix.  Well, for 4 years, all the girls have been trying to get a piece of the ultra sexy Gabe, but none have succeeded.

During a chance meeting, Saylor runs smack dab into young Gabe.  No, literally, runs right into him.  You know that feeling that all the books talk about ... the electric chills that flow up your arms and straight to your heart when two people who belong together touch .. oh yeah .. Rachel talks about it .. BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT!!  I felt each and every ounce of tension in this book.

You'd think this would be your run of the mill, cookie cutter, NA novel wouldn't you?  Yeah, I'm sure you did .. but think again friends ... Sexy Pants Gabe has a secret .. and not a little secret .. a HUGE one .. one he's never disclosed .. of course Wes found out . .because he's probably a part of the NSA or something .. but nobody else.

THIS BOOK THREW MY MIND THROUGH A LOOP .. things I though I knew .. I didn't ... characters I thought were one thing .. ended up being another ... I love when my mind gets used .. I love when it's thoroughly screwed with .. and Rachel screwed my brain again ... oh yeah .. again .. 1st time was when Wes lived (I wasn't expecting that one)

All in all ... Rachel, you take my breath away and I adore each and every book you write .. this book takes my 1st place spot in Rachel Van Dyken novels..

This Chick gives Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken 5 out of 5 I see you, you'll always be my girl, why doesn't the Christmas Tree have lights, don't forget a pink scarf, I forgot my helmet, it's the landing that hurts, pass the bottle of whiskey, bringing Princess home, play through me stars!!!

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***BLOG TOUR STOP*** Fractured Steel

Title: Fractured Steel
Author: T.J. Loveless
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publication Date: February 15, 2014

Karen Barnes’s life is simple, just the way she likes it, surrounded by horses and the mountains of Laramie, Wyoming. She is well aware the longing for adventure can lead to blood and death, a hard lesson taught during her one, and only, tour in Iraq almost a decade ago.

A stranger approaches Karen about boarding a famous horse foaled in her stables, making her instincts go on high alert. She knows for a fact the stallion’s owner would never sell Five Alarm, the US Reining champion worth a hefty ten million dollars. In ten minutes the stranger confirms her worst fears, launching her into weeks of torment at the hands of her kidnappers.

Armed with a spine of steel, she steals a truck and trailer, rescuing another victim, and recovering Five Alarm, but the ordeal is far from over. The kidnapping was a cover up for espionage. Trusted contacts join the fray, and in the end, pay for their loyalty by dying for her safety. Others aren’t so trustworthy, and as the truth is brought to light, she is betrayed yet again.

Safety and freedom come with their own emotional shackles. She had the courage to fight the battle, but can she live with the aftermath of the carnage, or survive the fractures to her mind?


Born in Anchorage, I've lived ... well ... everywhere. From the Arctic Circle to a block from the beaches in Florida. I speak fluent Arkansas Hillbilly, make a mean gumbo, can sew when necessary and am a whiz at packing.

You'll generally find a Muse snuggled to my hip, the other one laying across my shoulders and Editor Kitty staring at the screen, waiting for the red ink to make an appearance. Once it does, he lays across the keyboard purring.

The family brags about the latest compromising position I've been found in, trying to figure out how to truly describe "legs all akimbo" or if falling on the couch could truly land a body in a certain position. They ignore my yelling at characters on the computer screen, and are forgiving when I accidentally write past the time for them to eat. It's one way of teaching the teenager to cook ...

Releases on February 15!

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**PROMO** Lie Next to Me by Sandi Lynn

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kdp (2)
Title: Lie Next To Me (A Millionaire's Love) Author: Sandi Lynn Release Date: February 17, 2014 Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
The pain was unbearable, but I had to keep moving. I had to keep running because, if I didn’t, he’d find me. I looked behind me as I ran through the streets; scared, alone, and in the dark as the mist of rain hit my face. There was no time to think, and there was no time to stop. My shoes were soaked as they sloshed through the puddles of the dimly lit streets.
My name is Rory Sinclair, and the night I was violently attacked was the night that changed my life forever. One man, a man named Ian Braxton, made it his mission to heal me, to save me, and to show me a world that previously had been only a dream to me.
Ian Braxton is far from perfect. He’s a self-absorbed, demeaning, arrogant, and womanizing millionaire. He makes it so easy to hate him, but so very hard to resist him. We’re from opposite sides of the spectrum. He comes from money and I come from poverty. When our worlds collide, his struggles become mine, and mine become his, leaving us with one question:
How much would you give up to be with someone who was meant to be yours?
As soon as I stepped through the door and into the kitchen, Ian grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall, holding my arms above my head. “Don’t turn your back on me, Rory. I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re trash. I think you’re broken and I can fix you,” he whispered in my ear.
His hot breath traveled down my neck and my body went into a near convulsion. I wanted him, but I knew if anything were to happen, it would destroy me. I would become too emotionally attached and when he got tired of me and moved on, I wouldn’t recover. He brought his face to mine as he stared into my eyes.
“I’m not broken. I’m shattered. I’m a million tiny pieces that would take longer than forever to piece back together. So please, do me the favor and don’t even try,” I whispered.
His grip on my arms lightened as he let go and took a step back, giving me one last look before he turned around and walked away. I stood and placed my hand on my neck where his hot breath had touched me. I took in a deep breath and walked upstairs. Tomorrow was the day I start my life over, alone.

LNTM Teaser (1)
Me 5
My name is Sandi Lynn and I’m the New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of Forever Black, Forever You, and Forever Us. I love being a full-time writer and spend all of my days writing stories. When I’m not writing, I’m either playing the guitar, reading or catching up on my favorite TV shows. I have a shopping and caffeine addiction and you can usually find me hanging out at the local Starbucks (with my laptop). I love meeting and connecting with new people, so come connect with me at:
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***BLOG TOUR STOP*** Redemption by Rebecca Brooke

REDEMPTION (Forgiven Series Book #2)


I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome. And once I have faced my problems, only then will I find redemption. 

Josh Walker and Lauren Pierce are opposites in every way. While Lauren is a committed student and girlfriend, Josh is a player with a very twisted moral compass…

Or is he?

Growing up with an addict for a father, Josh experienced disappointment from an early age. He puts on a front, shielding himself from everyone. Until he meets Lauren.

Lauren has it all. An accomplished softball player she maintains good grades, has great friends, and is in love with her dedicated boyfriend. Her life is pretty much perfect…until it’s not. 

When two bruised souls collide can they help each other overcome their problems? Or are some souls just destined to be lost?

(Redemption - Purchasing Links will be provided when available)


This time it was Angie's turn to laugh. She turned to me her eyes alight with mischief. "So, Josh, how was your night?"

Damn. I knew at some point she was going to bring it up. Not knowing how much Lauren had told her, I figured deflection was the way to go. I smiled, hoping that it didn't look fake. "It was an awesome party. Did you have fun?" I asked.

Unfortunately, Angie knew me way too well. "I had a fantastic time, but stop trying to change the subject. I saw you dancing with Lauren," she said with a smirk.

She was never going to give up. I needed to play this off. Angie didn't need any more encouragement in her quest to find me someone. "Yeah, she's pretty cool," I offered, shrugging my shoulders. "She hit the bar with us after the party."

I saw Caleb watching me out of the corner of my eye. He knew something was up—he always could see right through me. He knew there was more to the story and he was just waiting for a better time to ask.

Angie, on the other hand, looked disappointed. Huh? After all of the threats from Emily, she looked like she was hoping for more. Then again, I doubt Angie had been rooting for me to have a one-night stand with Lauren.

"Josh," she whined. "We have to find you someone."

I sighed. "I'm happy with my life."

She turned her nose up at me. Guess that was the wrong thing to say. "Oh, so you're happy sleeping with a new girl every weekend?" she argued.

"You make it sound like a bad thing?"

I watched the anger flash in her eyes. Oops, definitely the wrong thing to say. She stood up and stepped towards me, forcing me to look up at her. "You're an ass. With an attitude like that, you deserve to be alone," she snarled before storming off to their room and slamming the door.

"Angie," I yelled. Getting up, I walked down and knocked on the door. Even though we disagreed, I still cared about her and didn't want her to think I was a complete jerk. "Angie, I'm sorry. Please come back out."

The lack of response spoke volumes. Turning back to the living room, I went and sat back down on the couch. I looked up to see Caleb glaring at me.

"Did you need to be such an asshole?"       
"Dude, I wasn't trying to be a dick. I just don't get why she’s so determined to set me up."
Caleb shook his head at me. "Is it really so bad? Angie just wants to see you happy."
"I don't need a girl in my life to make me happy. Why is that so hard for you two to understand?" I asked, exasperated.

Caleb leaned forward to rest his forearms on his thighs and clasped his hands together. He took a deep breath before beginning. "Josh, I've known you for three years and I know for a fact you're not happy, and lately it's been getting worse."
He stopped to look down and when he looked back up again I could see the annoyance in his eyes. "Since you haven't seen your dad lately, that's not the reason. And it's total bullshit that you're happy screwing a different girl every night."

That sweeping assumption was like gas to a flame. Who was Caleb to determine what made me happy?

"What gives you the right to tell me what I want? I'm not you, Caleb. If there was someone I really wanted, I’d go after them, not run away. There just isn't one that fits that category." I turned to head back to my bedroom when Caleb's voice stopped me.

"I know something happened between you and Lauren last night."

A thousand different explanations raced through my mind but before I could say anything he put his hand up to stop me. "Don't even try to deny it. It’s written all over your face. I'm not sure exactly what happened, nor do I want to know, but if you're gonna keep sleeping with anything that breathes, please stay away from Angie's friends." Avoiding my gaze he looked down to the floor, rubbing the back of his neck in a way that made me think I wouldn’t like what he was going to say. "I wouldn't want to have to choose between you and her," he said sadly. 

FORGIVEN (Forgiven Series Book #1)


What happens when one moment changes the course of your entire life? Do you sit back and accept it, or fight to live the life you choose? Caleb Jacobs has a past that has haunted him for two years. Knowing he can never forgive himself for the events that led to his departure, Caleb chooses to live a quiet life—concentrating on school, sports, and shots. But when he is paired with Angie for a history project he realizes that no matter how much you try to hide from your past, one way or another it will find you.

Angelina Powers knows what she wants from life. Growing up with only an alcoholic father for company, Angie learned early on in life that you can only count on yourself. But that doesn’t stop her wishing for her white knight. She’s confident, happy and focused…until she meets Caleb. So how will she feel when her potential white knight turns out to be more of a black shadow?

Purchasing Links:
 SALE $.99
Amazon èFORGIVEN (Forgiven Series Book #1) http://amzn.to/13WJmAW

Author Bio:

Rebecca Brooke grew up in the shore towns of South Jersey. She loves to hit the beach, but always with her kindle on hand. She is married to the most wonderful man, who puts up with all of her craziness. Together they have two beautiful children who keep her on her toes. When she isn’t writing or reading (which is very rarely) she loves watch SOA, TrueBlood, and The Walking Dead.

Stay in touch with Rebecca Brooke

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***COVER REVEAL*** TOXIC by Rachel Van Dyken

Everyone has a secret...
Gabe Hyde is on borrowed time. He's been hiding his identity for over four years-hidden from the world that used to adore him--obsess over him--driven to the edge of insanity by one poor choice. 
But that one choice, altered the course of his life forever. 
Pretending isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when pretending means hiding your real self from the people that care about you the most. But if anyone ever discovered the truth it wouldn't just be his life at risk--but hers. 
Saylor doesn't hate men. 
Just Gabe. 
Only Gabe. 
He's a reckless, happy-go-lucky, silver spoon fed pain in her ass. Everything about him makes her more and more confused. Unfortunately they both donate time at the same Group Home. If she wasn't afraid of flunking, she'd be long gone. She hates that she's attracted to him almost as much as he hates that he's attracted to her--and she can tell, especially since their first encounter ended up making her knees so weak she couldn't form coherent sentences for weeks afterwards. But the closer she gets to him, the more confused she becomes. He isn't who he says he is, and he's hiding something big. 
What happen when two worlds collide? Two worlds that never should have met in the first place? Some secrets are too big to be hidden forever--the only question? Will his destroy everyone he loves? Or finally bring about the redemption he's been craving for the past four years?
Everyone has a secret...What's yours?
Goodreads Link: