Thursday, October 17, 2013

Destroying the Wrong - Manda's Review

Destroying the wrong takes you on a journey between 2 high school students trying desperately to not get involved in the crazy bullying that goes on all around them. 

It follows Kat (the bookworm) and Alissa (the boy crazy best friend) on emotional journey from love,  betrayal,  bullying, hurt, laughter, tears and family. They go through it all and then some. It really jumped into the feelings that these girls felt from cyber bullies to real life in your face nitty gritty bullies and I must say they  handle it well. These two girls push through the emotional baggage of high school to graduate from school early and fight for what they believe in. They learn self confidence from every situation by getting through it with each other. 

I'm pumped for the next one in rhe series. This chick gives it 4 stars!!

"I love you Kat----- I Love you back Alissa"


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