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***TOUR STOP*** Stories for Amanda - Various Authors

Amanda Todd was a young girl who dealt with bullying for three years.  Lured into a bad decision by a cyber-stalker when she was only 12 years old, she was mercilessly targeted online and in real life over and over again, until it became more than she could deal with.
She wanted to help other kids by sharing her story and letting them know they should never be punished for who they are or for making a mistake. is an organization that reaches out to kids in need, educates about the harmful effects of bullying and provides resources that can make a real difference.
If you don't know Amanda's story, you can search her on YouTube and see a video she made 3 weeks prior to taking her own life (she tells her story) because of 3 years of vicious bullying.
When people try to bring you down, it’s because you’re above them.
You only need one person to believe in you… that person is YOU.
With love to Princess Snowflake and others in need…
100% of the proceeds from sale of this book will be donated toward that vision.
The authors are humbled and proud to offer our support to this very worthy cause.

Stories for Amanda is a collection of short stories from these 16 VERY talented authors:
Karen Avivi - Stand Alone story
Kahlen Aymes - Missing Scene from The Remembrance Trilogy (Ryan and Julia)
E.K. Blair - Missing scene from ROTTEN
J. L. Brooks - Stand Alone
Claire Contreras - Stand Alone but characters from upcoming release; Catch Me
Kelly Elliott - Stand Alone
Kailin Gow - A You & Me Trilogy Story for Book 1: Saving You Saving Me
Karina Halle - Stand Alone featuring characters from The Artists Trilogy
Nina Lane - A Spiral of Bliss short story
E. L. Montes – Stand Alone
Alexa Nazzaro - Stand Alone
Jessica Prince - Short story from Picking Up The Pieces Anthology
Madeline Sheehan - Stand Alone
Michelle Valentine - Black Falcon prequel to Rock the Heart
Nikki Worrell - Stand Alone
I was approached by Flirty Dirty Book Blog after the RT Convention last May about this cause so I researched Amanda's story and like so many others, was moved to tears. I have a daughter that is just a year or two younger than Amanda was when she ended her life. I asked Denise Tung... "What if we put together a book where 100% of the proceeds went to help fund the anti-bullying effort?" She was thrilled with the idea and then I reached out to some of my author- friends. The response was overwhelming and the rest, as they say, is history.
Now it is 16 stories (some missing scenes from a popular series) and some brand new short stories, from 16 authors that reach across the Young Adult, New Adult and Romance genres. It is our hope that our readers will come together to support this very worthy cause and that we can help, in some small way, to keep even one more child from suffering from this horrific epidemic...
These are very generous women and I feel honored to share pages with them.
2 Chicks And A Blog - ASHLEY'S REVIEW
Let me just start this by saying, WOW.  I am beyond HONORED to have been selected to read and review this amazing set of short stories by some of my most favorite authors. 
Stories for Amanda includes short stories, that are almost all 5 star worthy. 
The pure fact that these authors took time from their busy schedule to write these stories for this amazing cause melts my heart.  In an Indie world, that at times, is filled with drama and bullying of it's own, these authors took a step out of their own world in order to help this cause. 
Bullying is a pandemic these days.  Almost everyone is bullied in some way or another.  This needs to stop.  These stories revolve around a central theme and I'm sure I don't need to spell it out for you.
I wished, at the end of almost all of these stories, that they weren't just stories.  I want more.  This anthology has opened my eyes to many authors that I haven't read before.  There will be some stalking in their near future.
Please purchase this book on the 22nd of October to help these authors support this cause.
Bullying needs to stop, people need to be aware of the effects of bullying and people need to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.
2 Chicks and a Blog PROUDLY stand with these amazing authors against bullying, in any way, shape and form.  We give STORIES FOR AMANDA 5 out of 5 'We'll Stand By You' Stars!!!

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