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**BLITZ** Intentional by MK Harkins

Intentional Book Blitz
MK Harkins
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I know this has to stop.  Something has to give.  A person cannot die of a broken heart.  Believe me, I know. I’ve been waiting—and it’s just not happening.

 What would you do in the face of the ultimate betrayal? This is the question facing the characters in MK Harkins’s riveting debut novel, Intentional. They will soon learn, however, that when love is involved, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Mattie and Jeremy are engaged to be married and looking forward to a lifetime of love. It all crumbles away, however, when Mattie comes across evidence of a massive betrayal. Mattie flees to Washington in an attempt to start a new life and meets Cade, a tattooed engineer by day and lead singer in a rock band by night. Their mutual attraction enflames Mattie, even as her heart still aches for her former fiancĂ©. Just when it appears that Mattie may have found another stab at happiness, her past comes rushing back. As events unfold, it becomes clear to Mattie that things in her past may not have been quite what they seemed. Will Mattie ever learn the truth behind what really happened? And if she does, could it mean a new beginning with Jeremy, or will it be too late?

Readers will instantly be swept up in the saga of love and heartbreak that unfolds. Offering a rarely-before-seen glimpse into the heart and mind of a romantic villain, audiences will find a welcome reprieve from the typical romance novel.

Author Bio:

I have always been a voracious reader. After hitting a dry spell of reading material, I decided to write the kind of book I would like to read. This resulted in the creation of my debut novel, Intentional, with a sequel already in the works.
 When I’m not writing novels, I enjoy traveling the world, rain, watching movies and cooking. I also run my own business in my current hometown of Mercer Island, Washington

Ten things I didn't know about self-publishing

  I will admit, I knew absolutely zero (nothing!) about self publishing when I started this adventure :)  I will narrow it down to ten.
1.) It was easier than I thought. I googled my way to Createspace
2.) Createspace is like a well-oiled machine. I was assigned a publishing consultant, John Schuster (great publisher name!)  he organized all my orders with the various departments.  If I had a question, he would answer within 24 hours.
3.) I was able to accomplish everything I needed at CreateSpace (I started with an editorial evaluation, moved to choosing a book cover and ended with a copyedit)
4.) When you self publish, there is a lot of self promotion involved. I joined twitter, Goodreads and made an author facebook page.
5.) Everyone wants to be your friend on facebook!
6.) I've met some wonderful authors and bloggers through the social media (mostly facebook)
7.)  Promoting is hard work!  It's fun, but very time consuming
8.) There are a lot of people who can help, but the challenge is to find them.
9.) Other authors really want you to succeed.  I don't sense any competition from the Indie authors at all.  They sincerely want to help.
10.) I am surprised that I would have so much fun.  I've met wonderful, inspiring people - who I believe will be life long friends.  This has been such a positive experience I would recommend it to anyone who loves/wants to write.



As I take in the scene, the air sucks right out of my lungs.  My heart has stopped.  My body is numb.  I think I'm still standing but I can't feel anything.  Unfortunately, my eyes seem to be working just fine.  I just can't believe what I am seeing.  Am I still alive?  If so, I know for a fact that my life is over.
     I have stopped wishing for death.  Is this an improvement?  I know there are five stages of grief.  I think I'm stuck at stage one.  To grieve properly means to move forward.  I'm not doing that.  I have not accepted the loss yet.
     The cup of hot cocoa tastes divine.  I look across the table at Cade's piercing blue eyes.  His hair is a little long, kind of dirty blonde with natural waves.  His cheekbones are high, and he has nice full lips.  Once I get a better look at him, I realize that this guy is beyond handsome.  Like, off-the-charts good-looking.  He's staring at me.  His eyebrow quirks up a little in a silent question.  "You never gave me your name."
     It's my turn to ask Cade a hard question: "So, you're a good-looking guy.  I'm sure you've had plenty of girlfriends.  What happened in your life to prevent you from letting anyone close?''
    Cade looks at me curiously.  "So, you think I'm good-looking?"  That beautiful smile breaks free again.
     He looks at me "I said something wrong, didn't I?"
     "No.  You didn't say anything wrong at all.  I just need to make myself really clear.  I think you're great; I really like you a lot."
     Cade cringes.  He puts his hands over his face.  "Not the friend talk!  No, don't do it to me!"
     This makes me laugh.  "No, it's not the friend talk.  But it's close.  I don't plan on dating.  I don't plan on having a relationship - maybe ever.  I certainly won't ever, ever fall in love again."
     Cade stops laughing.  "Man, what the hell did he do to you?"
     "I would have never believed you were one of those late sleepers.  You seem like the type to get up at the crack of dawn."
     "I usually am, but last night I didn't go to sleep until the crack of dawn!"
     He looks surprised.  "Why was that?"
     I realize that I've just backed myself into a corner with my last remark.  How do I answer this?  Well, Cade, I didn't sleep because I was thinking about you last night.  Or perhaps Oh, Cade, my feelings for you are so confusing, I couldn't even think of sleeping.  Better yet Cade, you were the most incredible, hot, sexy man onstage, and I am lusting after you.  I answer "Too much caffeine, I think." and leave it at that.
    I walk into the barn and everything stops. I look around, and I have four guys and one girl staring at me.  I'm seriously considering turning around to leave, when I hear, "Damn, Cade!  You've been holding out on us!  This is Mattie?  This is your friend?  I say bullshit!  She's a babe!"  The drummer who has practically yelled this - I think his name is Scott - is laughing at Cade.  Scott walks right over to me and picks me up in a big hug.  He swings me back and forth.
     I'm speechless.  I look over at Cade.  The look on his face is priceless.  He looks like he's angry and trying not to laugh at the same time.  He yells, "Put her down!  You're going to scare her off!"

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