Friday, December 13, 2013

***REVIEW*** Night Owl by M. Pierce - Ashley's Review

Hannah and Matt are distant writing partners, side by side writing a story that starts out with two characters keeping their distance, much like Hannah and Matt.

Okay, so most erotica novels start out with sex in the first few pages to get the lady bits tingling. This book, yes and no. Sex yes BUT it's not the type of sex you would expect. Something about the way these two characters interacted from a distance still had me ready to pounce the husband.

When Hannah suddenly moves to the same state where Matt lives, things get a little intense. What started out as a relationship that is purely nameless/faceless/emotionless is slowly turning into an addiction on both parts, changing quicker than expected.

The first night that Hannah and Matt actually meet, sweet mother hell, the god blessed CAR!!!!!!!!!!! THAT makes me happy, squirmy and excited 
all at the same time. 

Oh you think this is as good as it gets?!?! You're dead ass wrong.

What's more important to me, like with any good book, is the storyline. Everything in this story was refreshing to me. Not like most erotica (girl meets boy, screw like bunnies six ways to Sunday, possibly some squirting and blood play) THIS story line set the book from being just an amazing Erotica book to an EXCEPTIONAL BOOK regardless of genre.

I called numerous friends and said "oh hell, have you read Night Owl" .. everyone is clicking it because, to me, this might just be the BEST book I've read all year, and I'm pushing 150 books this year!!!

M Pierce ... YOU WIN .. you stole my heart, your characters are set apart from all others, your story wins for something relatable yet original ... YOU just effin win ...

I'm giving this book 6 out of 5 I'll be your slut any time stars!!!

<3 Ash - 2 Chicks and a Blog

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