Thursday, January 2, 2014

***REVIEW*** The Space In Between by Brittainy Cherry -- Kirby's Review

The Space in Between by Brittainy C.  Cherry is a captivating story of two tortured soul who lean on each other to forget.  Andrea is a struggling with the loss of her fiancĂ© days before their wedding day.  To escape dealing with his death in her small, gossiping hometown Andrea flees to New York to start over.  Life in New York isn’t exactly what she expects either.   Soon after her arrival, she is brought together with someone from her past; Cooper Davidson.
Cooper just learned that is wife not only cheated on him, but wound up pregnant from the affair.  To make things more complicated they host a reality show together and the paparazzi seem to always be present.   The shocking news forces him to do a self-evaluation and begin to question his life choices.
 A chance run-in with Andrea, the first girl he ever liked, and both of their lives change.  They are drawn to one another, but realize that they are both messed up and unable to any type of commitment.  The two decide to use one another for sex in order to forget; they agree to keep the emotions out of it and that they can back out at any point.  Easier said than done.
The internal struggles that both characters deal with throughout the book is quite interesting.  Andrea doesn’t know how to move on from her fiancĂ©’s death, who she is, and how to process her developing feelings for Cooper.  Cooper is deals with the end of his marriage, his delusional wife who thinks they will work it out, and his past.  These struggles mixed with various supporting characters creates a book worth reading.

I give The Space in Between by Brittainy C Cherry  4 out of 5 we’re are both messed up so lets hit the sheets stars. 

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