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Getting Back Annie by S.I Siwik
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Getting Back Annie- S.I Siwik

Well S.I, I thought you did a great job with ‘Winning Back Ryan’ but once again you took my breath away with Getting Back Annie.


As Annie finally leaves all that Ryan did to her, she has to look at herself in the mirror and just because she looks fine on the outside, she is completely broken on the inside. He left her sad and humiliated with his assault and I didn’t think she was ever going to find her way back to herself. But, she does. She does with the help of all of her boys, and one in particular. Except, it’s not the one who you would think would be there.

Enter Benjamin.

 The bad boy, drunky pants, rich kid who Annie not only knows, but she sees. She sees him for everything he is. However these two are not together. Annie is promised to Brian, the best friend extraordinaire that has been there for 5 years and helped try to pick her up when she fell.

Here is where it gets tricky. Brian helped orchestrate a “situation” if you will, to get Annie away from Ryan (the horrible man from the first book) and TADA Annie finds out one night from a comment from another friend. Things get serious from this point.

She has worked through all of her hardships, decided against her better judgment to get married and thought “This is what my life will be like” and started FINALLY to be okay again, to be content and happy. When she finds out Brian hurt her…. She runs. She runs fast and hard into the beautiful and misunderstood, Benjamin’s arms. Where in my opinion she should have been from day 1! I thought to myself, FINALLY this is it for them; they are going to be happy.

The Masquerade Dinner seriously was my undoing. I was reading and thinking YES. And I got slapped in the face. Hard with a thud, of WHAT THE HELL just happened.

 When you think you know, you have no idea. One of the sexiest scenes in the book by far but Jesus when it ends you will look again and think NO WAY!

“Princess, I wouldn’t keep egging me on, unless you are sure you can handle the consequences”

“Now how do you feel? Stop denying, stop lying, and just be honest.”

 S.I threw a curve ball at me and I was surprised, maybe not pleasantly but I was surprised (and I mean that with the sincerest love)…. Things got sticky, Annie lost herself again. All she wanted was control, of her emotions, of her mind, and most of all of her life. She wanted it and she was taking it back.

“I wanted to know what it felt like to be connected to him so intimately”

She got her wish. The mirror. Sweet Jesus the mirror. I have NEVER read a scene in a book that was so intimately done between 2 people. I have read a lot of sex, but this wasn’t about just the sex. It was two people falling head over heels for each other in one single act of sexual intimacy.

But BAM it goes nuts again! Damn you S.I (lol)

Things don’t end there and they continue to go haywire for these 2 and everyone else. She finally has enough and decides to take back all of herself; from Ryan, from Brian, and from Ben. And she does it in a big way! I give this book 5 ‘I fight like a girl and win’ stars and cannot wait for the next installment of some of my favorite boys and most of all the girl who not only fights from the bottom, but will fight until she stays on top, not for anyone else; but for herself.

After Ryan's ultimate betrayal, I struggle to pick up the pieces of my life and move on. Brian is a wonderful boyfriend, but even he can't stop the nightmares or the anger I feel inside. As I feel myself slipping with no hopes of coming back the person I was before, the most unlikely of people steps in to save me...Ben Hurley. I love Brian, but Ben is persistent. He refuses to give up on me, or our love.

This is the 2nd book in the series.  Please see Manda's review of Winning Back Ryan by S.I Siwik

Winning Back Ryan - Manda's 4.5 Star Review

Well what can I say S.L Siwik you won me over. The different dimensions of this book are amazing. They go so deep into everyone’s personalities that I just could not get enough. Lets’ start with the gist, we have Anne, who is a sweet girl who works and does everything her guy expects of her and then we have our area douche bag better known as Ryan who cheated in her bed MORE THAN ONCE and then decided to tell her it was her fault (he seriously made me want to punch things). The hostility I felt when he degraded our area heroin Anne was astounding. It made me want to cry and tell her to put him in his place more than once. Enter her best friends: Max, George, Brian and Ben. They all have been friends for what seems like ever and they are there to help her pick up the pieces of the slime bag Ryans’ heartbreak. However, there seems to be some lingering feelings out there from her friends point of view and they are more than excited when is really done with sir asshole. The way S.L goes into so much detail in this book and makes these characters her own, is really amazing. I read somewhere it was the problem child and she was unsure if she was ever going to finish. THANK GOD she did, because this book really shined to me. I love how these boys of Anne’s really take care of her and help her overcome all of her insecurities and find love again. Now, who will she find love with is the big question on my mind? She has options that she never dreamed she had. With men she never looked at in another light. She makes the choice to find love again in the face of heartbreak, abuse, and complete uncertainty. The princess finds her way. I give S.L 4.5 stars and CANNOT WAIT for the next installment in this series. I would, and have recommended this book to all of my fellow book girls and will continue to do so because, I am that much in love with this series.
Watch out for the next installment ‘Getting Back Annie’ and check out her other series ‘Office Perks’.
Patiently waiting---

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