Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AMAZING!! 4 Stars - Driven K. Bromberg

I loved it!  While reading Driven, I couldn't help but see similarities between Kristy and E.L James and also Sylvia Day.  She did an AMAZING job with Colton, our area heartthrob race car driver bad boy and Rylee, our amazing heroine, who takes care of everyone else around her.

They share an amazing story and you can feel the emotions rolling off of both of them.  Rylee has her boys that are all kids that are a product of parental neglect.  Colton shows his soft spot for all of her boys while facing demons of his own.

Can Rylee pull the bad boy Colton out of his self depreciating ways and show him love after suffering a huge loss of her own?  Can Colton show Rylee how to give herself to someone again?

Make sure you read this and the next one in the series, Fueled.

These Chicks give this book a smashing 4 out of 5 stars!

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