Friday, July 12, 2013

Message to Gail McHugh Author of Pulse

HOLY AMAZEBALLS ... You killed it ... like literally ... Killing Gavin .. Ugly cry, alligator tears, mass messages to other readers .. anger. .frustration .. happy tears.. WTF moments .. OLIVIA .. Dillmoster .. Dilly with the little Willy .. OH MY HELL!!!!

At 78%, I was coming for you .. You were going to get a nasty piece of my mind .. All I kept saying is, F U Gail .. WTF ..

At 80%, I no longer wanted to cut you!!

At 100%, my world is great, Gavin is still alive to swoon over .. Noah is going to be a HEARTBREAKER ...

Here's 3 cheers to the bottle cap, Yankees, Birds, Swoon worth baby daddy, Jesus on a Cracker, Dillmonster, dropping babies and he's in serious pain, 1 year later, green minivan with bucket loads of kids, Collide and Pulse writing author ....


I will now go apologies for cussing out those who REFUSED to give me spoilers and let me ugly cry FOR NO DAMN REASON ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing a piece of you with us!!!

It truly get's no better than Gavin fucking Blake and his bottle caps!!!

<3 Ashley Suzanne!!!

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  1. Apology accepted LOL.. It was totally worth the ugly cry!