Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty Little Lies - Jennifer Miller **Manda's Review**

Pretty Little Lies- Jennifer Miller

Okay, Let me start by saying, It takes a lot for me to genuinely laugh out loud at a book. Like, not giggle and say “oh well that was cute” or say “awww” but literally laugh out loud so hard I had tears in my eyes because parts of this book were so amazingly funny that I couldn’t help myself.
Lets Refresh:
Olivia is a girl who was completely in love with her high school sweetheart, when she overheard a conversation between him and his mother, she ran. She ran from her heartbreak to Boston to start over. She went to school, became a journalist, got married in Vegas on spring break, waited a few years, got cheated on, and got divorced. That is the beginning of this book in just a nutshell. She is a bright girl who works on a fashion blog and writes for different magazines. She seems to have it all to the outside world. Until she came home early one day and found her husband in the sack with a bimbo. She knocks the bimbo in the teeth and kicks husband in a place where the sun doesn’t shine and leaves. 6 months later, she is divorced. However, her husband Deacon doesn’t want the divorce. He has been and continues to be mean to her, treats her badly, grabs her, leaves bruises and she finally just had enough and leaves. Back to Chicago she goes, to start over. Again.
When she returns to Chicago she goes through some emotional turmoil. Her best friend Pyper (who is ass-tastic by the way) is there to pick up all of her pieces, put her back together and get her out into the world again. Pyper has so much spunk that she gets Olivia join a dating site to try to “get her back out there”.... (Pyper has so much spunk that I wanted to join a dating site after reading about it. HAHA.)  Olivia seems to be doing okay and then BAM she runs into the boy. The boy, that broke her heart. Enter: Luke.
Luke just wants a chance to tell her how much he loves her and he never stopped and that what she overheard was not meant the way it came out and truthfully, Luke, does a great job. He gets her to open up and he gets her to look passed all the drama that has been caused and created by running. He gets her to realize what she has been running from is exactly what she really needs, until....... dun dun dun, Enter: Deacon,  and then, CH!
I LOVED this book. I loved the spunk of Pyper, I loved the heart of Luke, I loved the Characters that Jennifer made around the Star of the book. I loved the quirks that the dating site dates had, I ADORED the Fashion tips at the beginning of each of the chapters and I absolutely loved loved loved the Pea Green Beanie Babies. I would read it again, and I more than likely will. She did an amazing job writing each of these characters and each of their personalities fit them perfectly. I cannot wait for Book 2. Jennifer Miller is now on my “Authors to look for” list. She is amazing and her writing talent goes above and beyond in Pretty Little Lies. This chick gives it 5 outta 5 stars!
~~~~~ Manda; 2chicksandablog

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  1. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love. Did I mention love? Thanks for reading and reviewing! XO!