Monday, July 15, 2013

Bully by Penelope Douglas - Ashley's Review

Let me just start off by saying THANK YOU MELISSA, CAMI and JONI from CRAZIES R US BOOK BLOG!!  

This book was AMAZEBALLS!  I cannot believe that I hadn't read it earlier.  

"Yesterday kept following me. And tomorrow, the new day, never seemed to come.”

Tate is a girl who is TORMENTED by her former best friend and neighbor Jared.  Even after a summer on another continent, Tate cannot escape the torture provided by Jared and his group of friends.  How will Tate make it through her senior year?  This is a story of transformation from kid best friends to archenemies to lovers to hatred to lovers.  ANGST!!!  Yes please!  SEXUAL TENSION!!!  Uhhh hell yes!  FAST CARS AND HOT BOYS!!!  I'll take that!

"It felt good, because I couldn’t hurt who I wanted to hurt.”

Ok Ok Ok .. You can read a synopsis on Amazon or Goodread.  I am ready to get to the juicy stuff because I can't even concentrate.

OK so Tate - WOW.  This girl is BAD ASS.  Who just knees guys in the junk and breaks noses?  This girl does!  Who doesn't break even after she is tormented in the worst way?  BAM!  The answer is Tate.  This girl can really show young women how to deal with a bully with class and sass!  She never gives up, even when I would think it would be unbearable.  She keeps pushing forward.

 “Rest easy, kitty cat. I’m not after him. But don’t ever threaten me again, or I’ll make a real big spectacle of myself. Got it? ”

Jared - GEEZE OH PETES - This guy.  Can we all say Douche Bag?  I know I can.  This boy was so angry at the world, he began tormenting the one person who ever really knew who he was.  He lashed out on Tate with a vengeance.  This kind of bully story, puts any bully story I have ever heard to shame.  Even through all of the douche-bagery I couldn't help but love this guy.  I knew he was a bad guy and I didn't care.  I could see through his rough and angry exterior to find his hear of gold.  

“You’ve been gone for a while, so I’ll cut you a break and remind you that my goodwill doesn’t go far with you.”

The Playlist in this book is beyond AMAZING.  It was like all of my favorite songs were in here.  I will not spoil this for you ladies and gents, but if you like music and you like books, then you MUST read this sucker!

"This is how bullies are made."

Buy this book ASAP!!  And when you do, go and thank Crazies R Us Book Blog for making me read this!!  
They have a HELLA trailer for this book on their page!

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  1. Awesome review Ashley!! This book was amazing!