Saturday, July 13, 2013

GUEST REVIEW - SUPER SPECIAL TREAT!!! Hilary Storm reviews Let Love In by Melissa Collins

We have a super special review for you guys today!!!  Hilary Storm author of In a Heartbeat (a 5 star read) helped us out and gave a special review of Let Love In by Melissa Collins!

Hilary, thanks so much for helping us out and giving us such a great review!!

Choose happy. 

Appreciate beauty. 

Let love in. 

Simple words to live by for most of us.  Maddy has only known loss and heartbreak because her parents died when she was just a child.  The aunt that took her in passed away just recently and now she lives with her best friend, Mel.  Maddy's life is complicated and sad.  She just can't seem to 'Let Love In'.  She has walls of solid steel around her heart that even her awesome boyfriend in high school couldn't get through.

The girls move away to college and she decides to change her way of thinking and forces herself to choose to be happy, appreciate the beauty, and finally let love in.  She meets Reid and there is an instant attraction that had me pulled in.  He feels that deep connection and decides to fight it by being a complete jerk.  His past reputation and his attitude had me intrigued and equally frustrated.  Finally jealousy causes him to admit his feelings and they get together.  It seems like he is completely head over heels for her.  He turns into the perfect guy.  Almost too perfect.  BUT then, his past comes in to haunt him.  He has traumatic issues from his past that he has never dealt with.  Now he is forced to face those issues.

Reid and Maddy have had so much heartache.  I was holding out for their happiness and THEN the words 'The End' showed up.  I was like ....WHAT????  NOOOOOOO.  This can't be!  

I am giving this book a 4.5 rating.  My heart strings were pulled, I cried tears, and I was left wanting more.  I looked and it seems this will be a series of at least three books.  THREE!  I am cliffhung and need the story now!  Book 2 'Let Love Stay' will release July 31st.  It is on my calendar.  I must follow this couple until they get the HEA they deserve!  ~ Hil

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