Monday, July 15, 2013

Mira Takes Two by E. Alexander - Ashley's Review


This book starts after Mira Plus Three .. We're talking CRAZY MAD erotic .. Lady bits were tingling!!!  Sometimes short stories are better than novels .. In the case of this book .. .I TOTALLY AGREE!!!

One - This book should not be read at WORK!!  YIKES.


Three - We're talking double penetration ... 

In Mira Plus Three - Mira had a sexual encounter with her three male best friends.  This book starts with Mira wanting to have a single encounter with Nate - the one she feels the most connection with.  All is good and wonderful until Nate turns into sexy dominant alpha male and ties her little ass to the bed posts !!  (YUM I know right!!) ... Enter Beau (another of the trio of sex on stick best friends) ..

WHAM, BAM, thank you for double penetration Mira....

Change your panties ladies, this is a hot one!!!

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