Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ambrosia - Erin Noelle - HELL YES!!!

Erin Noelle, you killed it again!!!  I caught myself wondering how this book could be any better than Metamorphosis.  I am IN LOVE with ALL of these characters. 


I found myself a little upset with Scarlett but I think that was to be expected.  Maybe it wasn't so much "upset with" but more frustrated.  Knowing the things she wanted but too scared to act on those feelings with one of her beaus but then fully embracing her "inner siren" with the other beau. 


"One taught me how to fly like an angel - to free my spirit, to accept forgiveness and to love without restraint.  The other hand taught me to fly like a butterfly - to embrace change, to celebrate innocence and vulnerability, and to open up my soul.  Together, they had both given me the courage and the strength to fly with my own wings"


As a girl coming of age in a strange world without the love of her best friend, the support of her parents and torn between the love she has for 2 very amazing men, the above quotation from Ambrosia shows me so much into the head of Scarlett. 


This book rocked my socks.  Thank you so much Erin and I can't wait until late 2013 when Euphoria comes out!!!  At this point I am in love with all the boys.  I guess you could say #TeamAsh #TeamMason #TeamMax !!!  I can't choose!!!


These 2 chicks give Ambrosia 5 stars and would give more if we could!!!!!

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