Sunday, June 9, 2013

Once I started .... I couldn't put it down

No sex, No kink ... BUT a great love story gone wrong...

Inevitable by Angela Graham ....

Story is not hugely complicated but has a good plot, but I could see coming right from the start. 

Cassandra (Cassie) is a small town girl in love with her high school sweetheart Mark.  After a painful experience, walking in on the man-whore, with the local slut getting her world rocked in the middle of the afternoon, kind of puts a damper on a girls day.  Luckily for this gal, she packs a mean hook that connects right with the man-whore's nose, ending that toxic relationship.

Cassie moves back home where her and BFF Hillary partake on the typical girl activities when Cassie spots her new neighbor, Logan (swoon) with his sexy self.  Cassie, still trying to move on from being shattered by her douche of an ex, isn't going to fall for Logan's charm or sexiness.  UNTIL ... she does ...

I'm sure Cassie would have fell for Logan long before her ultimate demise into LOVE but dear sweet Logan is a bit of a man-whore himself.  Offering his member to any live female who will indulge a little fantasy.  Even making Cassie question weather or not he pays for sexual favors from a trifecta of slut muffins.

Logan has beaten down Cassie's walls with the kindness of being a friend and being there for Cassie when she needs a shoulder to cry on.  I think that Cassie's walls were tumbled a little more by letting Oliver, Logan's 4 year old son, into her heart and soon followed Logan. 

Even though there is no raunchy monkey sex in this book, let me tell ya, the tension is out of this world.  I can feel the tension rising off Logan and Cassie at almost every turn.  Between the sexy pool scene when Cassie takes it upon herself to discard her clothing at a midnight hour with our sexy Logan creeping from his window to the making out of these two on the dance floor WOWZA .. that caught my attention. 

It all comes crashing down on New Years Eve, in the small town of Harmony, where there is some passionate kissing happening between our two love birds .. but of course Logan feels the need to turn into a callous jerk, after a run in with Oliver's estranged mother, Natasha, making him question everything he feels for Cassie (and oh boy does she feel it too).  After a nasty scene, outside the local bar, owned by Hillary's stud, Cassie leaves the bar (crying her eyes out) and gets struck by a drunk driver. 

NOW I have read plenty of books in my day and have had mental images of what is actually happening and experiencing the feelings of what the characters are feeling, but in this moment, I felt the car crash and had tears in my eyes. 

This book was well written and the plot changed at the end.  Of course we knew that Logan would fall in love with Cassie but I didn't expect the car crash.  This was a great twist and probably gained this book an extra point in it's favor.

Some memorable moments from the book I would like to share:

"And by the way, I enjoyed your pool very much. It’s a shame you’ll never get me that wet!"
All actions on her part tonight would fall under the best friend clause.
Thou shall not be punished when butterflies are controlling thy body.
And the winner for this book for me, was Chapter 26 through the ending.  I loved reading this portion in Logan's POV.  I like to get to know the hero a little more and this was an excellent touch.

All in all I would have to say I would recommend this book to my family, friends and readers ..

2 Chicks and A Blog give this book 4 out of 5 stars ...

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Logan and Cassandra's story coming the fall of 2013 ...

Impatiently waiting,

Manda and Ashley
-2 Chicks and a Blog

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