Saturday, June 15, 2013

Undeniably ... one of the most REAL love stories I have ever read

In so many romance novels I read, it's always the same .. boy meets girl, boy loves girl, some sort of drama, girl leaves boy, boy finds girl, boy and girl fall in love and get married and live happily ever after.
This book was soooo much different.  Yes, the plots are similar and what not but it's more of a "realistic" aspect to it.  Grown men falling in love with teenage girls.  It's so taboo and so unwelcomed, but it makes sense (and no don't worry readers, there is no act that is inappropriate until the heroine is a legal consenting adult, so don't get your panties in a twist.  Reel it in)
There was no hearts and rainbows and cupcakes.  There was no overly sensitive males.  You have a gritty male, who lives the ideal life for all of man kind, a biker, with no real responsibility whatsoever, in a world where anything goes.  You're served vagina on a platter from hundreds of groupies.  There is booze, bro's and babes at every turn.  And our heroine grew up in this lifestyle and knows her roll once she engages a relationship with a biker from another club.  She knows what to expect and endures as much as she can, until she just can't anymore.
The concept was realistic.  The plot was realistic.  The characters were in true form.  The language was in true form. And the sex was OUT OF THIS WORLD, without going into every single detail of the sexual scenes. 
This author must have spent some time within this community to learn the ropes and how to write and convey the message properly.  I have experience within this community and didn't find myself questioning if the author knew what she was talking about.
Add Deuce to your list of book boyfriends ladies, I know he's on mine.
Until next time

4 out of 5 stars ... add this to your MUST READ LIST ...

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