Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kitchen Scandals - Brooke Effin Cumberland



2 Chicks and a Blog was provided an ARC copy of Kitchen Scandals by the author for an honest review.

Kitchen Scandals is the 2nd book in the Riverside Novels, followed by Kitchen Affairs. 
These 2 chicks totally LOVED this book!  It had everything needed to kill it in our eyes.  If we thought that Kitchen Affairs had the perfect balance of angst, romance, plot and character explanation, we had no clue!!  Kitchen Scandals had all of that BUT SO MUCH MORE.
Drake is moving his way up my "Favorite Book Boyfriend" list.  He is smooth, kind and FULL of sex appeal.  Molly's character is explained so much more in this book and it rocked my socks.  Stella is even more adorable and such a witty young lady.  If I had a daughter, she would be just like Stella.  And Michael, the best of the best friends of all time!!

A brief overview provided by 2 Chicks and a Blog:

Drake and Molly can only be happy in their relationship for so long before drama finds them.  After only a year together, the highs and lows keep on coming.  With Molly still dealing with the death of her daughters father, Liam, Drake has an unexpected surprise of his own.  Can Molly live with this little surprise? 
Someone has it in for our happy couple.  Crazy messages, breaking and entering and blasts from the past kick it up a notch. 
Can Drake and Molly get over all the hurdles in their relationship to make it work and get the happily ever after they both are secretly dreaming of? 
This book will take you on a TOTAL mind trip.  You think it's going to go 1 way and goes a total other.  I never seen this coming.  Impatiently waiting for the 3rd book in this series.
These 2 chicks proudly give this book 5 out of 5 stars and CANNOT WAIT!!
This baby needs to go on your must read list.  Book comes out on July 1st!  Check it out on Goodreads.


"First, I would kiss and lick every surface of your body starting with those plush lips of yours.  Then, I would move down your neck, up your ear, and down your shoulder.  I would caress your arms with my hands while kissing down your chest, and wrap my tongue around each nipple.  After your breasts were thoroughly mouth-fucked, I'd move down your torso and once I reached your belly button, I'd slip my hands down your pants and make your orgasm so hard, you'd forget your name." - Drake
Until next time!
Ashley and Manda
-2 Chicks and a Blog

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