Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Road To Price By Justine Elvira

Oh.My.God.... This book shot straight down the road to my heart.

Justine Elvira did an amazing job telling the story of Mia Dechino. From the heartbreak of losing the one thing in the world that mattered the most to her, taking off from the place she called home, to starting again and finding her balance in someone else. She did an absolutely beautiful job getting all of the things that poor girl was feeling out on paper. She made Mia into a strong individual after a heartbreaking assault to losing a piece of herself (quite literally) and then falling in love with the sexy, hot, Sebastian.
Sebastian could have any girl he chose to spend time with, and did it quite actively before he met the beautiful girl he would soon fall in love with. He employed beautiful women to not only work for him, but to be at his beck and call wheneer he saw the need, and Mia gave him a run for his money. What started as a beautiful friendship of course turned into a beautiful love. That was until, Mia had got another shock to her system and took off once again leaving poor Sebastian to loose the ONLY woman he has ever said he loved.
There are complications at every turn in the amazing story, from marriages, death, casual sex, friendship, running away and of course the complication of an all consuming love. I simply CANNOT wait to read the next installment of this story! This Chick gives this book 4 stars.

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