Sunday, June 9, 2013

Carter Mason didn't do It for me....

Scornfully hers by Pamela Ann--- I of course loved the book. Pamela Ann has a way of sucking you in and doing it beautifully. I started it thinking I would probably fall in love with Carter and be conflicted on who my dear Emma should be with. However,  reading Carter's point of view just made me love Emma and Bass more. Carter is of course the hotness that he is, and he knows it. But the fact that he wants her and only her should be enough for him to not jump into bed with 1, 2, 3 or 5 woman. Especially the likes of CeCe and Amanda, knowing full well how Emma feels about them. Carter's story is heartbreaking,  but I only felt the heartbreak for Emma when she had to walk into thay boat house and see the mess he made. I felt for her in Scornfully Yours and I felt it Scornfully Hers. Carter Mason may feel a little more human to me after hearing how he actually felt but I am still always going to be a BassWhore #teamemmaandbass (Sorry counterpart ;))

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  1. No need for apologies lol ... I love Carter but he did make a mess .. I just don't think Bass and Emma are good for eachother .. Too much extreme emotion (either perfect or terrible) .. But you are right, Pam draws us in and leaves us waiting and wishing for more!!!