Friday, June 7, 2013

First One..... Relationships.

I have relationships with the books I read. I feel almost what they feel. My fiance' thinks I'm crazy when I teary eyed or angry (lol Chris will never understand). When you are passionate about something, it changes you and makes you feel things thats maybe you didn't know you could. Sometimes when I read, It's almost like the author I am reading knows exactly how I feel without me having to say it outloud. Whether it be "damn I wish Chris and I would do this" or "damn I've been through exactly that." Reading cleanses the soul. Sometimes it makes you believe in the fairytales that all seemed lost as you grew up.

---- Manda

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  1. I couldn't agree more Manda ... I remember reading Frayed by Pamela Ann and cried when she went through her abortion (I know you cried too because you told me so). I fall in love with these books and their stories and I can also hate and catch myself saying things like "aww honey will you cuddle me, Gideon cuddles Eva" or "don't you ever do some shit like Carter did" .. Reading cleanses the soul .. couldn't have said it better myself

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