Friday, June 21, 2013

Kitchen Affairs - A 2 Chicks MUST READ!

So there are certain staples that any Romance reader looks for in her books .. This book has them all.

Elevator sex (check), Bedroom sex (check), Limo sex (check), Kitchen sex (check), torn feelings (check), tragic event (check), sex scandals (check), crazy ex girlfriends (check) ...

Molly and Liam were supposed to have their HEA.  High school sweethearts, getting pregnant and having a family.  All that changed when Liam died suddenly.  After 4 years of being alone, Molly finds her self in love with one of the sexiest book boyfriends I can imagine (swwooooonnnnnnn).  Enter a 2nd man that makes Molly think ... Who will she end up with Drake, the wealthy sex on a stick or Travis, the sexy tattooed single father. 

This book had something I would never have thought to enjoy in a romance novel .. A Single Mom!!  It made the character of Molly so much more appealing.  I understood why she was so guarded and instead of coming off like a na├»ve girl, I knew and could feel her struggle.

I am so happy to have read this book and CANNOT wait for Kitchen Scandals!!  It's going to be AMAZING!!!

Brooke Cumberland is the stuff and I will be sure to read whatever she publishes!!

These 2 Chicks give Kitchen Affairs 4 out of 5 stars!!

Check out Kitchen Affairs


Check out Brooke Cumberland


Keep your eyes open for Kitchen Scandals!!!  10 days!!!!

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