Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scornfully Hers ... Carter Mason, you stole my heart

Sometimes it's hard, while reading a romance novel, to get the understanding of the person opposite the current persons point of view, but thanks to Pamela Ann, we get a peek into the mind of Carter Mason, through this novella.  First, I want to say, I am a die hard Carter fan and was in love with his character when I read the first there torn series books (Scornfully Yours, Frayed, and Blasphemous) ... And my view of this novella may be a tad but biased (sorry babes) ..

To read Scornfully Yours, mostly through Emma Anderson's POV I still loved Carter.  Shit really hit the fan when after a pregnancy scare Carter finds himself in a full on orgy with not 2 or 3 but with 5 slut muffins.  Enter Emma and with a "ball smashing" exit, you would think that's where it ends. 

BUT ... Reading Carters Novella "Scornfully Hers" you really understand the turmoil that young Mr Mason has experienced.  Coming to grips with his love for Emma to the lead up of him ending in a slut sandwich.

How can you not feel something for him.  I felt his anger when Emma was going out with Bass Cole.  I heard his growl.  I felt his pain.  Im sure this Novella will turn some basswhores into carterhookers, it has too.

Carter is such an amazing, well written character and im so pleased that Pamela thought to give Carter some more detail.  Men are man-whores for a reason ladies, it's not just because.  Carter harbors a lot of baggage with the untimely deaths of his parents that you really see in this book.

Happy reading Poppets.  Scornfully Hers is available on Amazon, went live late last night!!!

Aka .. CarterHooker (name given by my amazing counterpart)


  1. I have been Team Bass from the get go, but Carter's story has definitely swayed me in his direction. I almost think that Carter & Emma are meant to be together in the end!

  2. Omg candy I knew in the group posts that you and I would see eye to eye ... Carter for life lol